7 Ways to Avoid Disasters When Moving

Avoid Disasters When Moving

Are you moving to a new place? Congratulations! However, with a new beginning in a new

home, comes the lengthy, tiring process of moving all your belongings.

If you want your moving process to be as smooth as possible, keep these seven tips in mind.

Broken & Damaged Belongings

Have some items that are harder to move? Perhaps these items are fragile, can be damaged

easily, or need special attention while moving.

You do not want to end up with some of your prized possessions being broken when you unbox them days later.

Hire a professional removalist like Move with Ben to ensure that all your items arrive in their new location in the same condition as when they departed from your current home.

Missing Important Items

If you hire a moving company to help you sort through the moving process, you might be

concerned about the items that are important to you.

Store your legal documents, passport, heirloom jewellery or any other irreplaceable items in folders, purses, or duffel bags that you can carry with you throughout the whole moving process. You will always have better peace of mind when you have your essential items with you.

Home Renovation after Moving

Imagine being ready to settle down at your new home, and then finding chipped paint and

a broken window somewhere upstairs.

Inspect your new home and make sure to fix anything you need to first before you move in.

Tasks such as painting the walls, fixing holes, and installing floorboards would be much easier to complete while there are no items strewn everywhere around the place.

Overpaying for the Move

Sometimes, people only realize that they hired a truck much larger than what they thought

they would need after the vehicle arrives to pick up their belongings.

In this situation, you would be paying more money than you needed to for the move.

If you are hiring a moving company, you can always ask them to send a representative

to gauge the truck size required to move all your belongings.

Items Not Reaching as Scheduled

When you move into your new home, you expect to see your boxes of belongings all stacked

up in the living room.

Instead, you find nothing, and frantically call the moving company to receive the news that your items are still in the old location.

Remember to check-in and follow up with the moving company to confirm the item delivery dates now and then.

Having items that you will need to use immediately upon use in a separate box with you would also be handy for situations like this.

Bigger Furniture Cannot Fit Through the Door

You love the old couch you had from your old place a lot, but when it arrives at your new home, you realize that it will not fit through the door.

You can always try to remove the door hinges and the couch’s legs to help them fit in better. You can also see if some other doors or windows would make this easier.

However, it is always best if you measure your couch and doorway before the move. A professional mover should be able to handle this situation for you as well, so do not be afraid to hire additional help.

Forgetting the Utilities

Remember to sort out your utilities before you move in. Call the company in charge of your water, electricity, and internet connection once you know your exact move-out date and schedule these utilities to be shut down the day after you are officially moved out.

This would also be a great time to sort out the utilities at your new place as well. Transfer any accounts that you can to the new venue.

At the same time, schedule the services to be set up a day before you are moving in.

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