When it comes to property listings in Malta, come to us!


“Who is us?” you are probably asking yourself.  “US” is RE.MAX Malta, and we are the industry leader in terms of list of real estate Malta.  If you are a prospective buyer, seller, or renter you will find the information useful.  This is in reference to both the information which our blogs and our search engine contain.  You can use our search engine to find the perfect list of real estate in Malta which will help you find the apartment or home of your dreams.

Our search engine is featured on the homepage of our website and it is very comprehensive in terms of the search parameters it features.  For example, it has the following fields:  buy/rent, Malta, where do you want to be (MLS ID) – you can disregard this field because it only applies to real estate agents, apartment (or residential unit type), minimum bedrooms, and the minimum and maximum list price you either want to look for, or can afford.  If you type in the criteria you want and need into the fields, you will have, literally, hundreds of pages of residential units matching the criteria you want returned to you.  This is because Malta is an emerging superstar in the European Union with its lower cost of living, and abundance of high-paying jobs.  These factors motivate many Maltese to stay put, and it motivates foreigners to move to Malta, attracted either by the great jobs, high living standards, and great quality of life.  Many Maltese and foreigners are motivated to either purchase or rent secondary or tertiary residential units, or sell these properties – their love of Malta’s rich culture, cultural attractions, and historic relics are the main factors that fuel this motivation.

The Maltese government is actively encouraging people from all over the world to live and work in this amazing Mediterranean country.  The campaigns are working and a lot of rich and influential people who can put Malta on the map are flocking to this nation.  They want to live in and rent only the best properties in Malta because they are used to the lavish lifestyles they lived, and the posh living spaces they stayed in in their home countries.  They are busy and do not have the time to do copious searching of properties on the Internet.  This is why the search engine on REMAX Malta exists – as a convenience to them.

Additionally, a featured properties section can be found on the homepage under the search engine section.  The featured properties lists the best properties which can be bought or rented at the best prices in Malta.  Many prospective renters and home buyers love this feature because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of deciding the unit they want to rent or buy, and they can do this on their lunch breaks.

Since many more people are moving to Malta than in the past, they want accurate and relevant information that is of high quality from real estate websites.  RE/MAX Malta does not disappoint them because its listing information for various properties is constantly and immediately updated from the MLS listings.  In addition, the information is detailed.  This gives them the tools to make their own decision in terms of buying or renting!