When You Really Are Looking for a Luxury Place to Live, There is Only One Realtor to Ask


There are all kinds of apartment listings online and even in those little magazines that are printed that you can find close to newspaper boxes and at the entrances to grocery stores. The abundance of real estate ads is overwhelming. We wanted a luxury place to live, and they were even harder to find. Well, we could find some listings, but the term “luxury” is very loosely defined when it comes to real estate. We wanted an upscale apartment in a nice area, so we went to www.douglaskerbs.com. This is the place to go to find high-end properties for rent or to buy.

We initially were going to rent a big apartment in a new building, but we decided to actually buy a house. I am so happy we did. We were originally okay with sharing pool and other common facilities, but when we found a place with its own indoor pool and spa, we liked that much better. I have become too much of a private person to really enjoy public anything nowadays. I like to swim late at night when it it quiet, and so I have been okay living in an apartment before. Now we have grandkids, and I would rather just have the cool things at our house for our own private use.

When Douglas Kerbs showed us a place that has a very large room with skylights and huge windows that I could use as a studio at home, we just had to get the place. My wife just completely went head over heels for the rest of the house, and having a studio at home would save thousands of dollars each year on renting studio space. I could not wait to move in. It is nice to go into my studio in my pajamas and work on something while I have my morning cup of coffee. Plus, there is no commute to getting to my old work space. Yes, buying a home was better than getting another apartment.