6 Steps to Take Before Putting Your House on the Market


If you are looking to sell your house, you can easily list it via any property websites, banks, or real estate agents.

However, you may also want to do your research about the procedure, requirement, and items to look out for first so that you will be getting the right value for your property.

Keep in mind that people buy houses for various reasons, including a primary residence, as a building investment property, or as a vacation home.

Below, we will suggest some steps that you can take before you list your house for sale.

Declutter Your Home

First impressions matter for house listings. When you have visitors come by to view the house in person, you will want them to see a clean home that will impress them.

Give your house a deep cleaning session or consider hiring a deep cleaning professional to help you out.

You will want to clean the toilets, wipe down the walls, countertops, and other hard-to-reach surfaces, clean the rugs, and more. Basically, do a complete spring-cleaning.

Organize your belongings to make your property appeal to prospects. Do not leave your clothes and dirty dishes lying around the house.

Get a Property Appraisal

Property appraisals will help you to understand the real value of your house. Rather than putting a rough figure on the market so that you can sell your house fast, why not get a property appraisal done so that you will not be underpricing or overpricing your property?

These appraisals are easy to get too, so you will not have to worry about getting one. You can ask about their property appraisal services and schedule a convenient date to get the task done.

Real estate agents also are more familiar with the listing prices for houses in your area so that you will be getting the right figures.

Find a Listing Agent

If you have done your property appraisal, this step should not be too difficult for you. You might be able to get the appraisal and the listing agent all in the same agency.

However, you may also want to check your listing agent’s credentials and specialties, such as their connection to your neighbourhood, their social media expertise, and more.

Regardless of which agency you decide to go with, your selected listing agent or any other person in charge should be able to walk you through their plans on how they are going to sell your home.

You should ask questions and understand the process as the homeowner too.

Fix & Repair

Leaky taps, busted pipes, and cracks in the ceiling does not do much to increase your prospects’ confidence in your property.

Have your handyman contacts ready and take note of anything you need to repair. You may not notice all defects concurrently, but you can fix any you find as you go.

When you keep your maintenance up to date, you will not be giving off the impression that your house is poorly maintained.

This would increase the buyers’ confidence that they are purchasing a home for fair value, so this step is highly recommended.

Touch-up Walls & Floors

Consider repainting your walls and polishing your floor. A fresh coat of paint gives a new lease of life to any house. And doing so could make your decade-old house look brand new.

Sand and repolish wood flooring to make them look brand new. If you have carpeted flooring, then you can also vacuum and clean it.

You may want to hire a professional carpet cleaner for this task and get the job done well. You can also take this opportunity to hire someone to clean your roof tiles too if you have the budget to do so.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Let us start by saying that the photos you took with a 2MP camera phone from the 2010s will not make a good impression.

Now that you have deep cleaned, decluttered, and repaired anything that needed it, upload high-quality images of your house.

Hire a professional photographer to get beautiful, eye-catching photos for your property listing. Some realtors would also have their in-house photography services to inquire about that from the agency you chose.

These photographers should already have plenty of experience taking photos for house listings, so they know the best angles, the lighting required, and how to touch-up your photos to make them look better for your listing.