Home is Where the Community is: 5 Reasons to Consider a Co-living space

Co-living space

Searching for a new home can be overwhelming. Figuring out how much you should spend on rent, choosing a location, fixing up utilities – it all takes time and energy (and often, lands you in exorbitant expenditure.) So, what should you do? Take the pricey deal that your landlord offered? Search for roommates on the internet? Give up and live with your parents? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. There is an alternative to traditional housing that’s affordable, seamless and makes it stress free to find beautiful shared living spaces in many exciting cities across India. It’s called co-living, and here’s how it works.

Redefining the concept of what a home could be, co-living arrangements in some form have always been around – think college hostel, local PG, or shared apartments? But the big difference now? They are professionally operated. Residents come from all walks of life, making these spaces collaborative rather than competitive. Whether you’re a hardworking professional, entrepreneur, creative, or student, if you’re looking for an environment that empowers and inspires, this is it. Not just that, co-living also encourages sustainable living by making it easy for residents to share resources. So, if we haven’t already convinced you to try it, let’s dive into 5 undeniable reasons that make co-living a great housing choice.

It’s Easy on the Pocket.

Did you know that rent is the largest monthly expenditure for most people under the age of 30? Whether you’re a student or a young professional, you’re probably going to end up spending around 45% of your income on an apartment lease. That’s a whopping figure. And rent isn’t even the only thing making living alone expensive. There are also security deposits, brokerage, cost of buying furniture and kitchen supplies… you can probably hear the sound of your wallet emptying itself. Enter modern co-living spaces – all the advantages of enjoying your own privacy, and none of the cost. Plus, the amenities that you’ll get in these places are far superior to any old PG or hostel. Now that’s got to be something worth trying out.

The Convenience Factor

Say you’re living in a regular PG, it’s affordable and way more cost-effective than renting your own place so you think it’s a good option. But trust, us your work is still not over. You’ve got to factor in additional costs like electricity, furniture etc. Then you have to negotiate household management with your roommate – from who’s turn is it to take out the garbage to who’s in charge of making dinner. And if your roommate moves out, you have to do it all over again. Not to mention the questions about hygiene and safety from your parents that’ll plague you whether you live in a mixed hostel or a pg for girls in Pune. In a co-living space, you’ll never have to worry about home administration – from cleaning to security, everything is taken care of. So instead of thinking about household management, you can spend more time on the things you love.

Community when you want it, Privacy when you need it

Making friends in a new place can be tough. You might be the kind who wants their own space. And only occasionally would like to hang-out with people. Well, co-living ensures you can really have the best of both worlds. With private rooms and shared living spaces, co-living homes allow you to socialize when you want to and be alone when you don’t. If you want an undisturbed self-care day, you’ll have a beautiful space of your own to retreat to. On other days, you have a vibrant community available to share meals, work together, hang out, or check out the community events. It’s no surprise that so many people making this choice end up becoming fast friends.

Living Light

you’ve moved to a new city to study or ace that top job. The last thing you want is to tie yourself down with a ton of household goods that you’ll have to toss or sell when you move. Co-living gives you a fully furnished space, and the ability to live light. You can just bring the essentials to your new space and save your money for what really matters. Fans of the minimalist lifestyle, this should be right up your alley.

So if you’re looking for the affordability and sense of community that comes from sharing a home, without having to deal with the up-front costs of leasing and furnishing an entire home (not to mention finding people to fill it with), co-living is the best bet for you. And if you’re planning to take up this choice, look no further than Stanza Living. This modern and tech-enabled accommodation provider takes co-living to new heights. Not just fully furnished rooms that you can customise to suit your vibes and common spaces for residents to spend time together, they’ll offer you incredible amenities including delicious meals, high-speed Wi-fi, professional cleaning services and even an in-house gym. So, if you want to enjoy the most stress free and convenient way of moving to a new city, try out co-living. It’s sure to make you feel right at home.